Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Westminster Council Cave

I have received a letter from Westminster Council.  The long, tall and short of it is that they have cancelled the Ticket! (PCN).
The lectured me about parking, and did not apologise for ticketing a disabled vehicle, but they did cave.
So take heed all you disabled people out there.
Basically they do not recognise disabled badges and do not give parking concessions.
Heartless gits!


Still Waiting........

So it has now been 18 days since my mum and sister signed the allegedly final piece of paper to get me added to this blasted account.

Guess what?? Nothing has been heard from Eastbourne.

I am now trying to get hold of Jackie to see where we can go with this.

20 mins on the phone talking to Amy Burgess. All she did was stonewall. I did not have the account number to hand and she would not connect me to Jackie without it. She would not even book a call back.

Finally she has booked a call back between 9 and 12 tomorrow morning.

I will believe that when I get it!

Saturday, December 01, 2007


An Update..........

After an extended hiatus (our fault) My Mother and sister finally managed to get the forms signed. My sister went 1st, as my mother had already done here part, but, after over an hour in the bank filling things in, she was told that there was more for my mum to do!

The pair of them returned last week and spent anther 2 HOURS! in the bank. We have now been told that it is all done.

It has been over a week with no update, so I am not sure. I will chase next week.

On point of information. My last communication with them requested that they confirm reception of the paperwork and that they return my identification documents when they are done. IN the light of last weeks Government cock-up you would think that they would be extra careful. This does not appear to be the case as they have done neither of my requests!

Not happy.

Lets see if they can finish!