Monday, October 20, 2008

Wizz Air

The Cash Arrives!

Wonders will never cease!  But why was it such a struggle.

Several months of me chasing.  and it takes a blog to get them to react!

Gone Kiting mad!!

So I decided to get suicidal and bought a traction Kite! Next I will get a board to go with it. One step at a time

Friday, October 10, 2008

And for a change..

Braun Tassimo Machine

Well, it makes a change to be writing something positive about someones customer services.

A couple of weeks ago my Tassimo coffee machine packed up.  We soldiered on for a while making pots of coffee but the strain of making coffee in the morning got to much so I cracked and started to look for some way to get it repaired.

After a long and fruitless search (ok 20 mins) I gave up and looked at the Tassimo website!  All the FAQ's were not a lot of use and so I left a message using their feedback form.  I carried on looking and after some digging I found a phone number.

I called them and a very helpful chap informed me that a, the warranty is 2 years! not 1 :) and b, the nearest repairer was in Southend (I live in London) :(.  He gave me the address and said I could post it:  But I was desperate so, last Saturday, I put it in the car and off I drove.  The repairer was a small Shaver Repair shop (of all things).  I dropped the broken machine off (an incredibly painless process) and with some trepidation departed.  The chap in the shop said it would take at least 2 weeks and I even considered buying another machine as the jitters were setting in.

On the Monday I received a message from Tassimo support asking what the status was and offering to assist to resolve the position!!  Very helpful.

You can imagine my surprise to get home today (Friday) and find a large parcel in my hallway.  I opened it and there was a BRAND NEW Tassimo machine!!  OH JOY!

I just wanted to express my thanks to Braun and the repair shop (Cowans Shaver Centre) for such excellent (and rapid) service.

Wizz Air

Wonders will never cease!

message from Wizz Air

Dear Cosma,

Thank you for your answer. We start the refund procedure with the given bank details, and it takes about 10-14 working days to receive your compensation (683 RON).

Best regards,

<Name withheld until I see the folding!>
Wizz Air Customer Relations Hungary


Tuesday, October 07, 2008

All you need to know about the financial crash

Wizz Air

A Response!!

Well.  Wizz Air have offered a refund as I requested!  I will not hold my breath till it gets here.

But we have progress...

Wizz Air

The Saga Continues..
Finally fed up of waiting I have decided to call them again.

The allegedly head office number turns out to just be a Polish office.  They put the phone down on me when I tried to speak to them but, fortunately, I have Polish colleagues who spoke to them to find out that actually it is just a polish office and they recommended I call the usual, expansive, UK number.

I called it, and guess what!  They put the phone down on me!!!

I am now on hold waiting for <Customer Services Rep> to assist me.  60p a minute and I have been on hold for 5 mins and counting...

The <Customer Services Rep> has come back to me and has assured me that I will be hearing from Wizz Air Customer Relations today.  Apparently he has forwarded it to them.  I do not get this as he was able to find my message very quickly, and I did send it to customer relations so why does he have to forward it to them?

I have replaced his name with "<Customer Services Rep>" as he was helpful and sounded like he wanted to resolve my issue (unlike his 2 colleagues who put the phone down on me).

Apparently they do record calls so I have requested that he goes back and listens to the last call I made to see who it was that put the phone down (I can dream).

He also had internet access and looked at this Blog, so now they have most of the history of this sorry saga.  There have been more calls and emails that I have not recorded here but, strangely enough, I do have a life!

The clock is ticking (again).....