Monday, August 27, 2007


The Current Position...........

I received some forms, filled them in and sent them to the address I was given. Somehow they went from Borhamwood to Chatham! They called me wanting to know what they were for. I told them to contact Elisabeth Mann. They did not know who she was!!!

I provided THEM with the phone number and they called her. Here is the response.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: 24-Aug-2007 13:07

> Dear Mr Papouis
> I have just received a telephone call from Jenny who is based at our
> Chatham Customer Service Centre (CSC). She tells me that the form you had
> completed had arrived at the CSC and as she didn't have all the paperwork,
> hence her telephone call to you and then to me. To keep you up to date I
> have asked her to send the form to James Beeston, via Internal mail, so he
> can collate all the paperwork and then send it to the CSC when it is all
> complete.
> I shall be out of the office next week, but if you need to leave a message
> for me, I will deal with it on my return. However, in my absence Nicole
> Cooper will be managing my case load and you can speak to her if you
> urgently need to contact Customer Relations.

How many MORE people will get involved in this simple process???


By the way, I have still to receive the confirmantion, that I explicitly requested, that my paperwork has made it to the correct location!

Monday, August 20, 2007


Missing post!

You will be pleased to know I have received the form from you. I have signed it, as has my mother, and I shall return it to you asap.

Alas the form from Eastbourne has not arrived, are we sure he has posted it?

On 16/08/07, ~ NatWest CRU <> wrote:

> Dear Mr Papouis
> Further to our telephone call, you can send the signed form to me at
> Ground Floor
> National Westminster House
> 225 Shenley Road
> Borehamwood
> Herts
> WD6 1TE
> I will then forward it in our internal mail service to James Beeston at
> Eastbourne. Or alternatively James tells me that he has enclosed a self
> address envelope to Eastbourne branch.
> If you need to contact me at any stage please do not hesitate to send me
> an e-mail or telephone me.
> Yours sincerely
> Elizabeth Mann
> 0208 236 8140
> Customer Relations Unit Borehamwood

Norwich Union Direct

The Fun Continues....

Letter sent to NUD in response to a letter from them telling me I owe them money!

Hello Hanna,

Hate to be a pain, but...

I have received a mail from NUD telling me I owe you £10.53.

I have called your Customer services (on 0800 068 3661) and Prem (He will not give me a full name ex - 51408) tells me that it is a result of the cancellation and reissue you did.

I pointed out that this must have been an over site and, after leaving me on the phone for a while, he came back and agreed to waive this cost.

He then adds insult to injury by trying to scratch the £10.53 back by trying to sell me RAC cover! I asked him not to sell me anything and he said that he was not selling, he was offering a service. He did not seem to get it when I explained that if there was a cost associated to this "service" then he was selling!

Anyway. This has now been resolved, but I thought I would inform you.

Perhaps this can be used in training. i.e. When a customer calls with a charge enquiry DO NOT TRY AND SELL HIM MORE!


Tuesday, August 14, 2007


NatWest's Eastbourne Branch Speedy as ever...

I just had a call from Elisabeth Mann.  James Beaston in Eastbourne is not responding to her calls.  She sounded quite exasperated.  and has promised to escalate this if they do not get back to her.  What is it coming to when the left hand willnot eaven SPEAK to the right hand?
Still waiting...........

Monday, August 13, 2007


No Paperwork from NatWest...

I find it hard to believe that a letter cannot make it from Eastbourne to London in 3 days

Some Numbers for reference..

Complaints switchboard - 020 8736 8000
Elisabeth Mann DDI - 020 8236 8173

Trying to talk to Elisabeth, On hold for 20mins....

She is not in. Left a message for her to call me tomorrow.

Thursday, August 09, 2007


The Wondering Paperwork Returns!
Having lost my paperwork again, NatWest have (after 2 days) managed to find it in Eastbourne.  Frankly I do not believe this.  Elisabeth Mann told me that she had taken copies of my documents before sending them to Eastbourne, so I think she has sent them down there again.
Apparently James Beaston has been told to deal with this personally, and not f%^* it up.
But guess what??  They have forgotten to get me to sign 1 more piece of paper!  This is now being sent to me.
And Aldersgate branch (Colin Harold) have never called me back!
This has gone beyond funny.... 

Tuesday, August 07, 2007


They have done it AGAIN!
I have just had a call from The NatWest customer services department.
Guess what!!
They have lost my paperwork AGAIN!  That makes it 3 times. 
Elisabeth Mann tells me that she stuck it in the post and then went on holiday. There have been some postal strikes so that's OK it is stuck in the post between her and Eastbourne.  I pointed out that I was assured the last time that it went missing that they use secure couriers and if it was lost it was in their internal system.  Sounds like another lie to me!  is this the "Other Way??"
I specifically requested that they contact me to let me know where my paperwork was, no one has done that.
I specifically requested that they return the originals to me.  No good they have lost them AGAIN!
Elisabeth tells me that it is OK as she took copies of my copy's, let's not worry where my copies have gone.
This just smacks of total incompetence.  NatWest bank are incapable of sending some important personal identification between two if their branches without loosing them.
But it's OK, they will compensate me, OK that may cover the wasted time, but what about the identity loss??
I will give them a chance to rectify the situation, then consider where to go from there.

Friday, August 03, 2007


Deafening silence from NatWest... 
Well on July the 11th NatWest received copies of my documentation again.  Since then I have heard...
I have just tried to call them and spoke to a colleague of Jackie's, foolishly I did not take her name. Apparently Jackie is in meetings all day.  I left my name and number for her to call me back.
I am now going to try and get through to the Aldersgate Street branch on 0845 3017948
Mr Judge is not available.  Try to speak to Colin Harold.  Apparently he is with a client.  I will hold....
They cut me off!!!
I called back and, after the receptionist (Emma) tried to fob me off, he mysteriously became instantly available!
He will contact Mr Judge to see what he has done with the documents.  I did point out that I had specifically requested that the service centre contact me to conform that the documents had been received.
What a farce!

Norwich Union Direct

Cheques have arrived... 
and been paid in.  The end of this chapter...  Let's see what the next year brings....