Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Westminster Council Cave

I have received a letter from Westminster Council.  The long, tall and short of it is that they have cancelled the Ticket! (PCN).
The lectured me about parking, and did not apologise for ticketing a disabled vehicle, but they did cave.
So take heed all you disabled people out there.
Basically they do not recognise disabled badges and do not give parking concessions.
Heartless gits!


Still Waiting........

So it has now been 18 days since my mum and sister signed the allegedly final piece of paper to get me added to this blasted account.

Guess what?? Nothing has been heard from Eastbourne.

I am now trying to get hold of Jackie to see where we can go with this.

20 mins on the phone talking to Amy Burgess. All she did was stonewall. I did not have the account number to hand and she would not connect me to Jackie without it. She would not even book a call back.

Finally she has booked a call back between 9 and 12 tomorrow morning.

I will believe that when I get it!

Saturday, December 01, 2007


An Update..........

After an extended hiatus (our fault) My Mother and sister finally managed to get the forms signed. My sister went 1st, as my mother had already done here part, but, after over an hour in the bank filling things in, she was told that there was more for my mum to do!

The pair of them returned last week and spent anther 2 HOURS! in the bank. We have now been told that it is all done.

It has been over a week with no update, so I am not sure. I will chase next week.

On point of information. My last communication with them requested that they confirm reception of the paperwork and that they return my identification documents when they are done. IN the light of last weeks Government cock-up you would think that they would be extra careful. This does not appear to be the case as they have done neither of my requests!

Not happy.

Lets see if they can finish!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Westminster Council Take the Piss!!!!

This from their automailer. The Pesky parking ticket did not ask me to put the reg number and ticket number in the subject line!! Thank goodness I read the response and can cut and paste! I wait their response... _____________________________________________________________________________________
From : Parking@westminster.gov.uk

Thank you for your correspondence to Parking Services.

We will investigate and respond in writing to your query in due course.

If you have not included your full name and postal address please do so immediately as we cannot reply to your query via email.

Also please ensure that you have included the Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) number and the Vehicle Registration Mark (VRM) in the 'Subject' heading on your email.

Your email will now be processed and responded to in date received order.

Please do not reply to this automated email. If you have any further enquiries you can call Parking Services on 020 7823 4567.

On Behalf of

Parking Services

Westminster City Council

For more information about parking Westminster visit: www.westminster.gov.uk/parking

Westminster Council Take the Piss!!!!

Today, while parked near Covent Garden I was given a very shady parking ticket.

I was correctly parked on King Street and was displaying a valid Disabled Badge.
I was within the 3 hours allowed by the Badge.

The PCN was therefore incorrectly issued.

Upon seeing the notice I called the number on the back of the notice and was told that we should have made a "Contribution" to the parking. I looked everywhere around the car and all all the pillars near by (see attached picture) and was unable to see any indication that this was the case.

I then spoke to Community Officer number CW 7373 who looked with me and agreed that there was no indication that a "Contribution" was required (and can verify this if asked).

When I spoke to the "gentleman" on the phone he was not sure how much this "Contribution" should be.

It strikes me as very unfair that a disabled person should be expected to call the parking c redit card line and make a payment of unspecified value when they have a parking permit that allows them to park with out paying. I repeat there was no indication that Disabled Badge holders have to pay.

I trust have appealed this and will let you know what happens. Rest assured I will fight this all the way!

The only instructions in sight

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

A Blast from the past!

This is Seth, Cosma (Me) and Iain, in the late 80's taking a look around London, in a break between lectures. Click on the picture or the link below to see some more blasts from the past.

Click here for more Pictures of the Boys!
More from the College Archives...
Originally uploaded by CosmaP

Monday, August 27, 2007


The Current Position...........

I received some forms, filled them in and sent them to the address I was given. Somehow they went from Borhamwood to Chatham! They called me wanting to know what they were for. I told them to contact Elisabeth Mann. They did not know who she was!!!

I provided THEM with the phone number and they called her. Here is the response.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: 24-Aug-2007 13:07

> Dear Mr Papouis
> I have just received a telephone call from Jenny who is based at our
> Chatham Customer Service Centre (CSC). She tells me that the form you had
> completed had arrived at the CSC and as she didn't have all the paperwork,
> hence her telephone call to you and then to me. To keep you up to date I
> have asked her to send the form to James Beeston, via Internal mail, so he
> can collate all the paperwork and then send it to the CSC when it is all
> complete.
> I shall be out of the office next week, but if you need to leave a message
> for me, I will deal with it on my return. However, in my absence Nicole
> Cooper will be managing my case load and you can speak to her if you
> urgently need to contact Customer Relations.

How many MORE people will get involved in this simple process???


By the way, I have still to receive the confirmantion, that I explicitly requested, that my paperwork has made it to the correct location!

Monday, August 20, 2007


Missing post!

You will be pleased to know I have received the form from you. I have signed it, as has my mother, and I shall return it to you asap.

Alas the form from Eastbourne has not arrived, are we sure he has posted it?

On 16/08/07, ~ NatWest CRU <Customer.Relations@natwest.com> wrote:

> Dear Mr Papouis
> Further to our telephone call, you can send the signed form to me at
> Ground Floor
> National Westminster House
> 225 Shenley Road
> Borehamwood
> Herts
> WD6 1TE
> I will then forward it in our internal mail service to James Beeston at
> Eastbourne. Or alternatively James tells me that he has enclosed a self
> address envelope to Eastbourne branch.
> If you need to contact me at any stage please do not hesitate to send me
> an e-mail or telephone me.
> Yours sincerely
> Elizabeth Mann
> 0208 236 8140
> Customer Relations Unit Borehamwood

Norwich Union Direct

The Fun Continues....

Letter sent to NUD in response to a letter from them telling me I owe them money!

Hello Hanna,

Hate to be a pain, but...

I have received a mail from NUD telling me I owe you £10.53.

I have called your Customer services (on 0800 068 3661) and Prem (He will not give me a full name ex - 51408) tells me that it is a result of the cancellation and reissue you did.

I pointed out that this must have been an over site and, after leaving me on the phone for a while, he came back and agreed to waive this cost.

He then adds insult to injury by trying to scratch the £10.53 back by trying to sell me RAC cover! I asked him not to sell me anything and he said that he was not selling, he was offering a service. He did not seem to get it when I explained that if there was a cost associated to this "service" then he was selling!

Anyway. This has now been resolved, but I thought I would inform you.

Perhaps this can be used in training. i.e. When a customer calls with a charge enquiry DO NOT TRY AND SELL HIM MORE!


Tuesday, August 14, 2007


NatWest's Eastbourne Branch Speedy as ever...

I just had a call from Elisabeth Mann.  James Beaston in Eastbourne is not responding to her calls.  She sounded quite exasperated.  and has promised to escalate this if they do not get back to her.  What is it coming to when the left hand willnot eaven SPEAK to the right hand?
Still waiting...........

Monday, August 13, 2007


No Paperwork from NatWest...

I find it hard to believe that a letter cannot make it from Eastbourne to London in 3 days

Some Numbers for reference..

Complaints switchboard - 020 8736 8000
Elisabeth Mann DDI - 020 8236 8173

Trying to talk to Elisabeth, On hold for 20mins....

She is not in. Left a message for her to call me tomorrow.

Thursday, August 09, 2007


The Wondering Paperwork Returns!
Having lost my paperwork again, NatWest have (after 2 days) managed to find it in Eastbourne.  Frankly I do not believe this.  Elisabeth Mann told me that she had taken copies of my documents before sending them to Eastbourne, so I think she has sent them down there again.
Apparently James Beaston has been told to deal with this personally, and not f%^* it up.
But guess what??  They have forgotten to get me to sign 1 more piece of paper!  This is now being sent to me.
And Aldersgate branch (Colin Harold) have never called me back!
This has gone beyond funny.... 

Tuesday, August 07, 2007


They have done it AGAIN!
I have just had a call from The NatWest customer services department.
Guess what!!
They have lost my paperwork AGAIN!  That makes it 3 times. 
Elisabeth Mann tells me that she stuck it in the post and then went on holiday. There have been some postal strikes so that's OK it is stuck in the post between her and Eastbourne.  I pointed out that I was assured the last time that it went missing that they use secure couriers and if it was lost it was in their internal system.  Sounds like another lie to me!  is this the "Other Way??"
I specifically requested that they contact me to let me know where my paperwork was, no one has done that.
I specifically requested that they return the originals to me.  No good they have lost them AGAIN!
Elisabeth tells me that it is OK as she took copies of my copy's, let's not worry where my copies have gone.
This just smacks of total incompetence.  NatWest bank are incapable of sending some important personal identification between two if their branches without loosing them.
But it's OK, they will compensate me, OK that may cover the wasted time, but what about the identity loss??
I will give them a chance to rectify the situation, then consider where to go from there.

Friday, August 03, 2007


Deafening silence from NatWest... 
Well on July the 11th NatWest received copies of my documentation again.  Since then I have heard...
I have just tried to call them and spoke to a colleague of Jackie's, foolishly I did not take her name. Apparently Jackie is in meetings all day.  I left my name and number for her to call me back.
I am now going to try and get through to the Aldersgate Street branch on 0845 3017948
Mr Judge is not available.  Try to speak to Colin Harold.  Apparently he is with a client.  I will hold....
They cut me off!!!
I called back and, after the receptionist (Emma) tried to fob me off, he mysteriously became instantly available!
He will contact Mr Judge to see what he has done with the documents.  I did point out that I had specifically requested that the service centre contact me to conform that the documents had been received.
What a farce!

Norwich Union Direct

Cheques have arrived... 
and been paid in.  The end of this chapter...  Let's see what the next year brings....

Friday, July 27, 2007

Norwich Union Direct

A Conclusion is Reached!!
So after all the faffing we have come to a conclusion.  Many thanks to the people in the UK offices of NUD who have managed to resolve this silly situation.  It transpires that apparently it takes 14 days to update the DVLA DB (This I do not understand, but lets take their word for it).  Due to the fact that my insurance policies coincide with my road tax (silly me I thought it would make life easier) there is no way that I could get the road tax electronically.
The only way round this is to cancel and recreate my insurance, the very nice lady at NUD has done this for me.  Let's see what happens next year.
This whole mess has just highlighted the failings of call centers.  The fact that they could not give me a working email address, the fact that they did not seem to have the ability to call me back when they said they would.
I will not labour the point as I have had long conversations with NUD about this and they seemed receptive to my comments.  They seem to be aware of the issues, but the question is "What can be done about it?"
I do not believe that this is limited to NUD, It is a failing of all call centers and it is down to us, the users, to say NO I will not accept this level of service.  The call centers seem to be OK as long as you are on their "script".  The minute you want something different, BANG!  you are in undiscovered country.  At the very least they need an escalation process that includes the UK.  It should go, 1, Call center staff, 2, Call center supervisor, 3, Call center manager, 4, UK Customer Support.....  This should be process, it should not need me to do all the chasing!!!    Arrrghhh!!  Do not get me started again!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Norwich Union Direct

Problems with NUD.. Well I seem to be going up the NUD internal ladder....

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Hannah Kiteley &lt;Hidden to protect the currently Innocent>
Date: 17-Jul-2007 17:22
Subject: Problems with NUD

Dear Mr Papouis

Further to the post left by Becca Sibley on your blog space concerning the problems you've had with NUD.

Becca has asked me to take a look at these for you.

I can't get you on your landline or your mobile number, but I will try again tomorrow. The telephone number below is my direct dial number, and you can get me on that any time between 10:00 and 17:00.


Hannah Kiteley (Miss)
Customer Relations Manager
Chief Executive's Office
Sales and Service

I have actually Spoke to this lady. She seemed very nice. Ho Humm.... are we making progress?

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Linked In

Take a look at my Linked in Profile

View Cosma Papouis's profile on LinkedIn

Norwich Union Direct

Thanks to Ramesh...

For NOT providing me witha valid email address!!!!

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: mailto:postmaster@cos-c.co.in<postmaster@cos-c.co.in>
Date: 15-Jul-2007 11:10
Subject: Delivery Status Notification (Failure)

This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification.

Unable to deliver message to the following recipients, due to being unable to connect successfully to the destination mail server.

Final-Recipient: rfc822;Ramesh.chandran@direct.cos-c.co.in
Action: failed
Status: 4.4.7

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: "Cosma Papouis"
To: mailto:Ramesh.chandran@direct.cos-c.co.in
Date: Fri, 13 Jul 2007 11:03:43 +0100
Subject: Just Checking

You may wish to take alook at this..........



Friday, July 13, 2007

Norwich Union Direct

An email and a call from NUD, I nearly fall off my chair...  Again...! 
  • Becca. From the Support email number
  • Sounded very nice and helpful (and extreamly cheerful :) )
  • Let's see where this take us............


Norwich Union Direct

My Response

I would love you to address the issues.

The Blog that you have just posted to details all the communications I have had with NUD.

In Summary....

  • I paid for my insurance with you.( I was promised 2 * £25 vouchers that I have not seen)
  • I waited a few days then I tried to get my Road Tax.
  • The Motor Insurance database had not been updated.
  • Then follows numerous calls with NUD trying to resolve this.
  • I have been lied too. (People offering to call me back and failing to do so)
  • People have not recorded information that they have been given (repeatedly)
  • It is impossible to talk to a manager - you only ever get "Supervisors"
  • My data is still not updated so I had to go to the trouble of finding a post office and buying my road tax.
  • No one at NUD ever reads the clients file before asking the same questions again! (case in point NOW)
  • You taken through "Security" repeatedly during every call...
  • Shall i continue?

Please read the BLOG or your internal records.

Someone read my BLOG!!!

On 13/07/07, Becca Sibley wrote:
Becca Sibley has left a new comment on your post " Norwich Union Direct":

My name is Becca Sibley and I work in Customer Experience at NU, if you would like me to I can have a look into the issues you are having with us?

My email address is <Blocked out to protect the Innocent, I can always put it back later..>, please feel free to email me and let me have some details.


Posted by Becca Sibley to Cosma's Life at Fri Jul 13, 03:57:00 PM

Norwich Union Direct

A Call from NUD, I nearly fall off my chair! 
  • Gerard.   A manager.
  • support@norwich-union.co.uk - A general email address.
  • Has not read the log, but does so as we progress through the call
  • He suggests that I phone the DVLA and order the road tax as their website sometimes fails
  • I point out that this happened last year as well
  • Oh!!??
  • I tell him that I have road tax now as I ran out of time and had to go buy it at the post office
  • So what is the problem now?
  • Well I want to know why NUD staff have consistently lied to me, not called me back, not escalated my complaint, not raised my complaint, not logged my comments
  • Why bother recording calls when you do not listen to the recordings?
  • He said he would send me a letter responding to my concerns and would provide me with the chief executives details if I wish to escalate the issue
  • I will ponder this........
  • Finnly he offers me a £25 voucher as a "Good Will"  gesture.  This reminds me that they already owe me 2 vouchers from when I placed the insurance.
  • Let's see if this arrives.......

Norwich Union Direct

No call from NUD so I am forced to call them again......
  • Ask to speak to Ramesh Chandran - 666445.
  • As usual I am on hold........... 6 mins and counting!
  • As usual this person does not know the story and has not read the database
  • Has not read his email and, thus, did not know to call me. (12 mins and counting....)
  • Apparently no one sent him an email to call me!
  • Finally he acknowledges that I have been getting poor customer service.
  • On hold AGAIN. He says it will be 1 minute. Currently 5 mins (17 in total, and counting....)
  • Ramesh.chandran@direct.cos-c.co.in
  • Alegedly he will call me back. 25 mins on the phone!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


NatWest get my papers AGAIN! 
  • So I went to the branch yesterday.
  • The chap there ( I shall not mention his name yet as he has not dropped the ball yet) did not know what was going on and was not interested when I told him.  He got me to sign some papers and took copies of my docs.  I made him certify some further copies and give them to me.
  • I have also requested that they a, Confirm reception of the docs at the service centre, b, Send me the orignal copies back when they are done (not destroy them)
  • We will see


Monday, July 09, 2007


Back to the NatWest Saga 
  • I have spoken to the local Aldersgate branch who, at the behest of Customert Relations, have contacted me to go through the whole tedious process again.
  • I went in there today, but the chap was not there.  I will try again tomorrow


Norwich Union Direct

Called NUD to see if they are processing my Complaint 
  • Spoke to Fari Velu - 666412
  • Explained the situation AGAIN!!!!
  • She apologised to me, and I explained that an apology does not make up for my lost time on the phone and the inconvenience I have been put to by NUD.  I have the road tax now, as I did not want to be done for not having it, but I still do not know that my details are on the database.  Will they be there next year???
  • She asked me to hold while show speaks to someone
  • On Hold for 10 mins!!!
  • She informs me that my data should now be updated.  I told her that this does not help me as I have my road tax now and she seemed happy to end the call there.  I explained that I have made a formal complaint and NUD have not responded in any way.  She puts me on hold and goes to check the "Complaints Database".  Not sure why I have to be on hold listening to cheesey music for this to happen.  Call duration 25 minutes and counting.
  • Apparently it is not on the database.  She is going to add it.  It will take 48 hours for them to call me back that will be her manager Ramesh Chandran - 666445
  • Not sure how he was planning to call me back as she did not have my PHONE NUMBER!!!
  • This also puts a mockery on their assertion that Santhosh had tried to call me! 
  • I gave her the details and insisted that Ramesh a, reads the call log, b, listens to the call recordings.  I want him to hear that I have been reasonable all the way through and have never shouted or used bad language at his people.  All that I have done is ask them to provide a service that I have paid for.  They, on the other hand, have constantly lied to me and failed to do what they have promised to do!
  • Yet again we have to wait!  At least this time I have the road tax and am not against the wall.  I will, however, do some research in the UK to find their head office.

Is this the kind of service we deserve?

    Monday, July 02, 2007

    Norwich Union Direct

    I give up!
    • Finally gave up
    • I did not want to get caught with no road tax and so I had to go buy it at the post office.  So much for modern technology!
    • This bunch of clowns have NOT quoted me happy!
    • They have consistently NOT called me back and NOT come through with their promises
    • I WILL be reconsidering who I use for my car insurance next year 

    What a bunch of clowns!

    Tuesday, June 26, 2007

    Norwich Union Direct

    Tuesday night and it still does not work!!
    • Called NUD direct again
    • Shashi is not there, I can live with that, it is late
    • Asked to speak to a supervisor.  Waiting......
    • Santhosh Kumar ex 666253, a supervisor
    • Yet again I have to explain the situation!!!  He is "checking the database".  I am on hold!
    • He says that all their systems are ok and I should phone the DVLA.  I have to explain to him that the people on the phone lines use the same database and so it it is not updated they still will not sell me road tax.  On hold again.
    • He is now calling the DVLA
    • They are closed early because of the poor weather.  Sods law!!!
    • He is going to call them tomorrow morning and then call me back.
    • I told him that I want an NUD manager to call me to explain why they screwed up and, if they value me as a customer ("Quote me Happy"??) to discuss compensations for all the time I have wasted on the phone!


    Friday, June 22, 2007

    Norwich Union Direct

    A Call Back from NU!!!!
    • Shashi has called back and left a message saying it will work Monday.  Belive it if you will! 
    • No explanation as to who this other chap was!
    • We will see........

    Norwich Union Direct

    Still no luck with Road Tax
    • Tried to get Road Tax again.  No good.
    • Called NUD on 0800 051 2382
    • Took 10 mins for the chap to admit that I was an NUD customer
    • He did not want to put me through to a supervisor, apparently the chap (Santhosh Joseph) I spoke to a few days ago does not exist!
    • Finally get through to Shshi - who says she is a manager
    • She goes through all the same stuff as Santhosh 2 days ago (including trying to put me through security AGAIN!) and apologises.  I told her that her apology is a waste of effort as Santhosh apologised and I am still in the same boat...  I am on hold....
    • She has come back to me.  Apparently it will take some more time to resolve this.  She will call me back (ho ho!)
    • Her details are Shashi Kiram - extension 751561 - on the number above.
    • Watch this space....

    Thursday, June 21, 2007

    Norwich Union Direct

    NUD Drop the ball AGAIN!!!
    Just tried to get my Tax Discs again.
    They promised me that it would be ok by now!!!!
    It is not!  Can't be bothered to call them today.
    But tomorrow is another day.  Plus I have not have a phone call from them yet!

    Wednesday, June 20, 2007

    Trying to find the energy to get all the account details together to contact Natwest and get all this sorted out.

    Sends a shiver down my spin just thinking about it!
    Another useless company. Norwich Union Direct

    I paid my insurance
    I waited a couple of days for the data to be updated
    I tried to get my road tax on line
    I get told I have no insurance!!! - NUD have not updated the Motor Insurance Database
    I called NUD
    After 10 mins of navigating through a ridiculous auto attendant system I get through to a chap that spends 5 mins taking me through security and then does not seem to want understand what I am saying to him
    He finally gets the message and decided that he cannot help me so says he is transferring me to someone that can help
    No he is not! he is putting me in another QUEUE!!!
    Another 5 mins of navigation
    Get through to another chap.
    I refuse to speak to him and insist on a supervisor
    5 mins of pointless argument with him insisting on me telling him the story again and me saying that I do not wish to repeat myself and why did the previous chap not record the details!
    I finally relent and allow him to take me through security AGAIN!
    On hold for 2 mins
    Now I get a "Supervisor" - Santhosh Joseph
    I repeat the story
    He wants to send me a cover note so that I can get in touch with the DVLA!
    I say that I am not willing to. NUD are supposed to provide a service. They have dropped the ball and I have just wasted 20 mins trying to rectify their cock up
    He then agrees to send a memo to admin (Why could he not do this in the 1st place!)
    He wants to take me through security
    I refuse. I will not do it a third time!!!
    He sends his memo
    I demand to have an explanation from NUD as to why they have cocked up
    He apologised profusely and assures me that the data will be updated within 48 hours They will call me or write to me to explain the problem. They have my mobile number.
    What I want to know is "Why in this modern age, none of these firms have EMAIL???"

    They threaten us that they are recording all calls. I insist that they listen to the recording and train their staff better.

    Watch this space

    Tuesday, June 12, 2007

    Just had a call from Natwest customer support.
    They have lost my ID information
    They have lost my paperwork
    Can I go and supply it AGAIN!!!   3rd time.
    I now need to think if I want to carry on with them. 
    All faith has been lost.

    Wednesday, June 06, 2007

    Natwest Bank Cannot be Trusted with Personal Documents

    A Summary. In these times of identity theft and heightened security, Natwest bank do not seem capable of keeping hold of very important personal documents.

    They have twice lost copies of my passport and home bills. The saga goes on………..

    So where to begin? Well let’s start at the beginning....

    My family have a requirement for 2 bank accounts that we can all access. “All”, in this case refers to myself, my mother and my sister.

    As my mother has been with Natwest for years, and as the accounts are for her benefit, we decided to give Natwest the opportunity to provide us with the services we require.

    My Mother and sister filled in all the relevant forms and then sent them to me to do the same. These we then returned to the bank in Eastbourne.

    A few weeks later I was informed that I must go to the branch in Eastbourne with my Passport and some other documents to confirm my identity. I live in London and this was somewhat inconvenient, but I made the effort to be in Eastbourne on a Saturday morning in September ‘06 with the required paperwork.

    I filled in some more forms and copies were taken of my Passport and other documentation.

    Now I am a busy person, and so I really did not give it another though.

    In March ‘07 my sister told me that she had internet access to the accounts and I though that would be useful if I had the same. Then it dawned on me that I actually had received NOTHING from the bank to indicate that I had access to the account!

    On the 21st of March, after much messing about in Natwest’s, phone system I managed to get through to a “Sharron Dixon” on the help desk. I explained the situation and she said she would investigate.
    She also informed me that, contrary to the banks adverts, there was no point talking to the branch as they cannot do anything to help anyway. She could give me the number if I REALLY wanted it, but it was of no use to me.

    At this point I started tracking the events and will now carry this on with reference to my notes….

    March 22nd

    Call from Sharron Dixon (at 13:57), the branch, she tells me, cannot find any record of me going in and do not remember me!

    We get cut off and I call straight back (at 14:02), to be told that she goes off at 14:00 and has left!!

    Ask to speak to manager and am left holding for 5 mins. “Karren Stott” 08456 072323. Speaks to me

    I repeat the whole story yet again and tell her that they have lost my documentation and I may go to the banking ombudsman or take legal advice.

    She says she will get back to me ASAP

    March 22nd – 16:33

    No call from Karen

    Tried to Log a complaint with Customer Relations Department

    Sarah Jedrzejczyk tells me that I have made the wrong choice on the menu (even thought I pressed option 2 "Customer Complaint")

    I spend a further 50 minutes on the phone waiting for her to put me through to the correct department.

    Julie Oswold - 0131 338 0235 - She is now trying to help. 17:32

    I called the customer number again, and now option 1 says "Customer Complaint!"

    March 23rd

    I have made a formal complaint to Natwest about their loosing my personal documents, in the interim and in order to progress things, I will be filling in paperwork again.

    I will, today, go and get a form from a chap in my local Natwest Colin Harroll. I will then get mum to sign it, and I will sign it. I will, at that point, give it to Mum to bring it to my sister who can fill in her parts and take it in to the Branch in Eastbourne. We have been given the names Keri Cook or James Beaston in the Eastbourne branch. They will know what this is about and will ask my sister to sign the form again to add me to the account.

    At the same time Colin Harroll will send the copies of my documents to Eastbourne by the banks couriers

    This was the plan. I made Colin copy and sign the copies in order that I could retain proof that I had been there. Turns out this was a good thing to do.

    Collin did not give any papers to fill in.

    Tried to call Julie Oswold to discuss; had to leave a voice message.

    March 23rd – 17:19

    Call from 0800 0154212 Jackie Kempton.

    She is now running the case from their part

    April 2nd

    Jackie called. They have not progressed. She has sent my mum a form I told her that mum already had one. We have signed it and she is getting my sister to sign it and take it in.

    She will call back Weds

    My sister calls and tells me that she has been to the branch.
    One of the named contacts was running out of the door and would not stop to talk.

    The other does not know what this is all about!! She explained the story and he took the papers.

    April 20th

    Spoke to Melanie at the complaints line at 14:34.

    My sister has been to Eastbourne branch and they have lost the info yet again.

    April 23rd

    11:30 - No call back, from Friday. Try to contact Jackie

    11:37 - Still holding, tried again

    11:40 - Got through. She is busy and will call me back

    15:56 - No call back. Called Jackie. They do not know who she is!!. They are trying to find her.

    They have found her, she is on the phone, I explained that she was supposed to call me Friday and this morning. I will hold.

    Naseer Zamir - 0845 6000732 - Says she will call before 6

    Direct line for Jackie 0800 0154212 - Option1

    17:22 - No call-back. Tried to call again. She has just popped out. Will call me back ASAP.

    17:50 - No call-back. Tried to call her. The office is closed!!!!

    April 24th

    10:35 - No call back. Called Jackie. On hold for 21 minutes. Shamima says she will call back within 30 mins.

    11:06 - Jackie called back. She will chase Aldersgate branch to see what they did with my details.

    11:20 - Jackie Called back and told me that now Aldersgate seem to have lost my details!!! I have asked for the manager to call me.

    14:45 - No call back from manager. Called Jackie again. Got cut off twice. Got through after 10 minute wait. Jackie has popped out, but will call me back.

    15:15 - Call back from Jackie - Branch manager has promised to call me before 16:00

    16:12 - Colin calls from Natwest Aldersgate Branch. He is sure he sent the info. He is chasing Eastbourne to see where it has gone. He will call me back.

    020 7600 0207 - Colins DDI

    17:25 - Colin called back. Eastbourne denies all knowledge. He is chasing.

    May 30th

    Got Letter from Natwest Customer Complaints department (Elisabeth Mann). Lot’s of waffle and let’s brush it under the carpet. I will attaché it here at some point.

    12:50 - Called Looking for Jackie - She is not there. Left message for her to call me.

    14:15 - Jackie called back. They are still investigating but did not know the account number!!! We supply it to her.

    June 6th

    Called Elisabeth Mann. She is not there so spoke to her "boss" Graham Edwards.

    I am now faxing the docs I have to him to see if we can progress.

    020 8236 8010

    That was 13:07. He is supposed to call me back to confirm reception

    It is now 14:16 and I am still waiting.

    14:19 Graham has just called he has the Fax, but cannot find the account number!!!
    I told him to look harder.

    Ok. So that is the story so far.......... Let's see how we progress.

    Tuesday, June 05, 2007

    What a year!! Well Alexander Cosma Papouis arrived on the 29th May.


    OK so he has just had his 1st birthday!

    Its been a busy year!