Tuesday, June 25, 2013

At Last a Resolution

There has been a long hiatus in this discussion as I have been doing more interesting things.

Shortly after my last missive an engineer from Solus turned up with guess what… The part that Chrysler (Fiat!) told me that I has imagining!

Apparently it DOES exist and I did not make it up.

They have not apologised for calling me a liar.  But at least I have my tow eye!

Incidentally, over a year of playing silly buggers has ended up with us getting a payment for all the agro.  I do not understand why it has taken so long.  Aviva, RAC, Octagon and Irwin Mitchel have bounced this round the houses, lost paperwork, lost the account, not talked to each other (Irwin Mitchel have take this to a new level), but finally we have reached the end.

This was a simple case, no argument, the chap admitted it was his fault.  Wonder what happens when it is contested?

Actually I know.  I got rear ended by a lorry, they argued (not sure how as he hit me in nose to tail traffic!) and Aviva dumped on me, did not argue and just caved in (thank you Proddow Mackay for NOTHING!).