Thursday, April 18, 2013

A Response from Tesco

Hi Cosma,

Thanks for confirming your contact number. Would you mind letting me know what the reason is for the expected callback? I'd appreciate if you could provide me with more information so that I can explain this to the store.

Kind Regards,
Chrissie - Customer Care


My Reply…

I have actually just spoken to someone that identified himself as the Petrol manager. The reason was 2 fold. Initially it was because one of your pumps poured my money all over my car, my tire and my foot and I wanted to bring it to you attention. Then it transitioned to "why are Tesco NOT responding" .

According to you manager all the pumps are ok. Which does not explain what happened. One of the pumps did not stop. I have been filling cars for over 20 years and this has never happened to me before, except in one other case when the pump was broken. So either I made it up or there is a defective pump in Eastbourne and just because no one else has complained (you do realise that many people do not complain, they just go elsewhere for their fuel) they will not address it. Either way Not good.

The Eastbourne manager made the requisite apology, with no indication that he actually meant it, told me the pump was fine and said did I want some dry cleaning.

A better approach would have been a, respond quicker, b, tell me that he would take a look at the pump (even though I know he will not). Or do I come from an old school of customer service where the customer is always right and he comes from a modern school where the customer is always wrong?


They have replied to my last missive.

Hi Cosma,
Thank you for your comment. We appreciate all views on our walls, positive and negative alike; after all without constructive feedback we wouldn’t be able to continue to improve our service for customers.
To make sure the online community on the page remains helpful and friendly we have set some Community Rules, please see the link here;
These rules cover things like, treating each other the way you would like to be treated and not posting links to non-Tesco sites. There are a few more examples which you can read by clicking on this link so feel free to have a look for more information.
We welcome your open discussion but would appreciate it if you could please keep these rules in mind while posting on our wall.
With regards to your phone call I have spoken to the duty manager who is extremely concerned that this individual has not called you and is in the process of contacting him as we speak with regards to this.
The duty manager is doing all he can to ensure you get your phone call which would be in all likelihood be tomorrow morning I'm sorry.
Kind Regards,
Rich – Customer Care

Well it’s 12:42 and they still have not contacted me!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Tesco’s, What little help!

Sunday, I foolishly decide to fill my car at Tesco in Eastbourne.

The pesky pump decided not to stop and so a quantity of fuel makes it way over the side of my car, the tyre, the floor and my foot.


Does not look like much in the picture, but trust me, it was all over the place.

I went into the shop and complained and was told that Richard the petrol manager would call me.

Then it gets tedious…  I just posted the following on the Tesco FB page.

“Please tell me why it is that I had to wait from Sunday, until today for a manager to NOT call me from Eastbourne.

Then tell me why it took a further  20 minutes of my day calling the store and your "help" desk, navigating an auto-attendant to reach someone that wanted to get rid of me as soon as possible!

Guess what….

I am STILL waiting for a call (2 hours later!!)

Is that what passes as customer service at Tesco??

And we have not even started trying to address the reason I called in the 1st place.

Is Tesco's ploy to ignore customers or put them through tedious auto-attendants until they either get fed up and give up or lose the will to live?”