Tuesday, April 29, 2008


NatWest has issued me with their "Final Response"

Basically it says "Tough Luck, we have lost your stuff and you have to live with that!"

I have spoken to the Financial Ombudsman and it appears that they do not think there is much they can do unless I have documentary evidence of financial loss due to the banks actions, this I do not have, apart from my time.

I have also spoken to the Information Commissioners office. It appears that NatWest have a duty of care to my information (I believe that is rule 7) and it does not look like they have been taking any care, as they have lost it twice! I will have to ponder weather it is worth the agro to pursue this. I do have a month to make my mind up.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008


A reply, at last...
Well I finally, after sending another email, have a reply from Elisabeth Mann.
Basically they are saying "like it or lump it".  I have turned down the £250 so they are calling my bluff to see if I will go to the banking Ombudsman.
The fact is that they have wasted a lot of my time, have lost my documents and have failed to give me a reasonable explanation or even an apology!  For the sake of £250 I think I will call their bluff and take it to the Ombudsman.  This should be interesting.

Greenwich Council

Bins Removed!
Well After much aggravation, phone calls and gnashing of teeth they have finally removed the bins, The local paper were interested in doing a story, but they wanted me to dump the rubbish in front of the council offices, I guess that would have been a story, but I was just interested in having the bins cleared.
We now understand the new "system" let's hope all stays well....
The End??