Friday, July 27, 2007

Norwich Union Direct

A Conclusion is Reached!!
So after all the faffing we have come to a conclusion.  Many thanks to the people in the UK offices of NUD who have managed to resolve this silly situation.  It transpires that apparently it takes 14 days to update the DVLA DB (This I do not understand, but lets take their word for it).  Due to the fact that my insurance policies coincide with my road tax (silly me I thought it would make life easier) there is no way that I could get the road tax electronically.
The only way round this is to cancel and recreate my insurance, the very nice lady at NUD has done this for me.  Let's see what happens next year.
This whole mess has just highlighted the failings of call centers.  The fact that they could not give me a working email address, the fact that they did not seem to have the ability to call me back when they said they would.
I will not labour the point as I have had long conversations with NUD about this and they seemed receptive to my comments.  They seem to be aware of the issues, but the question is "What can be done about it?"
I do not believe that this is limited to NUD, It is a failing of all call centers and it is down to us, the users, to say NO I will not accept this level of service.  The call centers seem to be OK as long as you are on their "script".  The minute you want something different, BANG!  you are in undiscovered country.  At the very least they need an escalation process that includes the UK.  It should go, 1, Call center staff, 2, Call center supervisor, 3, Call center manager, 4, UK Customer Support.....  This should be process, it should not need me to do all the chasing!!!    Arrrghhh!!  Do not get me started again!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Norwich Union Direct

Problems with NUD.. Well I seem to be going up the NUD internal ladder....

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Hannah Kiteley <Hidden to protect the currently Innocent>
Date: 17-Jul-2007 17:22
Subject: Problems with NUD

Dear Mr Papouis

Further to the post left by Becca Sibley on your blog space concerning the problems you've had with NUD.

Becca has asked me to take a look at these for you.

I can't get you on your landline or your mobile number, but I will try again tomorrow. The telephone number below is my direct dial number, and you can get me on that any time between 10:00 and 17:00.


Hannah Kiteley (Miss)
Customer Relations Manager
Chief Executive's Office
Sales and Service

I have actually Spoke to this lady. She seemed very nice. Ho Humm.... are we making progress?

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

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Norwich Union Direct

Thanks to Ramesh...

For NOT providing me witha valid email address!!!!

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: 15-Jul-2007 11:10
Subject: Delivery Status Notification (Failure)

This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification.

Unable to deliver message to the following recipients, due to being unable to connect successfully to the destination mail server.

Final-Recipient: rfc822;
Action: failed
Status: 4.4.7

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: "Cosma Papouis"
Date: Fri, 13 Jul 2007 11:03:43 +0100
Subject: Just Checking

You may wish to take alook at this..........


Friday, July 13, 2007

Norwich Union Direct

An email and a call from NUD, I nearly fall off my chair...  Again...! 
  • Becca. From the Support email number
  • Sounded very nice and helpful (and extreamly cheerful :) )
  • Let's see where this take us............


Norwich Union Direct

My Response

I would love you to address the issues.

The Blog that you have just posted to details all the communications I have had with NUD.

In Summary....

  • I paid for my insurance with you.( I was promised 2 * £25 vouchers that I have not seen)
  • I waited a few days then I tried to get my Road Tax.
  • The Motor Insurance database had not been updated.
  • Then follows numerous calls with NUD trying to resolve this.
  • I have been lied too. (People offering to call me back and failing to do so)
  • People have not recorded information that they have been given (repeatedly)
  • It is impossible to talk to a manager - you only ever get "Supervisors"
  • My data is still not updated so I had to go to the trouble of finding a post office and buying my road tax.
  • No one at NUD ever reads the clients file before asking the same questions again! (case in point NOW)
  • You taken through "Security" repeatedly during every call...
  • Shall i continue?

Please read the BLOG or your internal records.

Someone read my BLOG!!!

On 13/07/07, Becca Sibley wrote:
Becca Sibley has left a new comment on your post " Norwich Union Direct":

My name is Becca Sibley and I work in Customer Experience at NU, if you would like me to I can have a look into the issues you are having with us?

My email address is <Blocked out to protect the Innocent, I can always put it back later..>, please feel free to email me and let me have some details.


Posted by Becca Sibley to Cosma's Life at Fri Jul 13, 03:57:00 PM

Norwich Union Direct

A Call from NUD, I nearly fall off my chair! 
  • Gerard.   A manager.
  • - A general email address.
  • Has not read the log, but does so as we progress through the call
  • He suggests that I phone the DVLA and order the road tax as their website sometimes fails
  • I point out that this happened last year as well
  • Oh!!??
  • I tell him that I have road tax now as I ran out of time and had to go buy it at the post office
  • So what is the problem now?
  • Well I want to know why NUD staff have consistently lied to me, not called me back, not escalated my complaint, not raised my complaint, not logged my comments
  • Why bother recording calls when you do not listen to the recordings?
  • He said he would send me a letter responding to my concerns and would provide me with the chief executives details if I wish to escalate the issue
  • I will ponder this........
  • Finnly he offers me a £25 voucher as a "Good Will"  gesture.  This reminds me that they already owe me 2 vouchers from when I placed the insurance.
  • Let's see if this arrives.......

Norwich Union Direct

No call from NUD so I am forced to call them again......
  • Ask to speak to Ramesh Chandran - 666445.
  • As usual I am on hold........... 6 mins and counting!
  • As usual this person does not know the story and has not read the database
  • Has not read his email and, thus, did not know to call me. (12 mins and counting....)
  • Apparently no one sent him an email to call me!
  • Finally he acknowledges that I have been getting poor customer service.
  • On hold AGAIN. He says it will be 1 minute. Currently 5 mins (17 in total, and counting....)
  • Alegedly he will call me back. 25 mins on the phone!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


NatWest get my papers AGAIN! 
  • So I went to the branch yesterday.
  • The chap there ( I shall not mention his name yet as he has not dropped the ball yet) did not know what was going on and was not interested when I told him.  He got me to sign some papers and took copies of my docs.  I made him certify some further copies and give them to me.
  • I have also requested that they a, Confirm reception of the docs at the service centre, b, Send me the orignal copies back when they are done (not destroy them)
  • We will see


Monday, July 09, 2007


Back to the NatWest Saga 
  • I have spoken to the local Aldersgate branch who, at the behest of Customert Relations, have contacted me to go through the whole tedious process again.
  • I went in there today, but the chap was not there.  I will try again tomorrow


Norwich Union Direct

Called NUD to see if they are processing my Complaint 
  • Spoke to Fari Velu - 666412
  • Explained the situation AGAIN!!!!
  • She apologised to me, and I explained that an apology does not make up for my lost time on the phone and the inconvenience I have been put to by NUD.  I have the road tax now, as I did not want to be done for not having it, but I still do not know that my details are on the database.  Will they be there next year???
  • She asked me to hold while show speaks to someone
  • On Hold for 10 mins!!!
  • She informs me that my data should now be updated.  I told her that this does not help me as I have my road tax now and she seemed happy to end the call there.  I explained that I have made a formal complaint and NUD have not responded in any way.  She puts me on hold and goes to check the "Complaints Database".  Not sure why I have to be on hold listening to cheesey music for this to happen.  Call duration 25 minutes and counting.
  • Apparently it is not on the database.  She is going to add it.  It will take 48 hours for them to call me back that will be her manager Ramesh Chandran - 666445
  • Not sure how he was planning to call me back as she did not have my PHONE NUMBER!!!
  • This also puts a mockery on their assertion that Santhosh had tried to call me! 
  • I gave her the details and insisted that Ramesh a, reads the call log, b, listens to the call recordings.  I want him to hear that I have been reasonable all the way through and have never shouted or used bad language at his people.  All that I have done is ask them to provide a service that I have paid for.  They, on the other hand, have constantly lied to me and failed to do what they have promised to do!
  • Yet again we have to wait!  At least this time I have the road tax and am not against the wall.  I will, however, do some research in the UK to find their head office.

Is this the kind of service we deserve?

    Monday, July 02, 2007

    Norwich Union Direct

    I give up!
    • Finally gave up
    • I did not want to get caught with no road tax and so I had to go buy it at the post office.  So much for modern technology!
    • This bunch of clowns have NOT quoted me happy!
    • They have consistently NOT called me back and NOT come through with their promises
    • I WILL be reconsidering who I use for my car insurance next year 

    What a bunch of clowns!