Monday, September 22, 2008

Wizz Air

Head Office Number

I have just called Wizz Air.  They are about as much use as a chocolate fire guard.

Apparently all the managers have gone home and there are only 3 members of staff in the call centre.  She did suggest that I call the airport in Budapest.  Not sure how that would help.

I now have an other email address for them (the third) That I have mailed to.

I also have what is, allegedly, the head office number, 00 48 22 351 94 92 but it is not responding.

I shall try again in the morning, I am not holding my breath.

Wizz Air

Wizz Air Refuses to respond...

An Open Letter to Customer Relations..

A few weeks ago I sent you an email containing a copy of my Father in laws death certificate, as you requested, all I have received back is your standard auto response.

Are you planning on dealing with this issue?

Just so you know I am Blogging this issue at

It has already been seen and commented on by people in the same position as myself.

Can you please react before I start to take this further and take legal advice.

Cosma Papouis
Cosma Papouis Technology Services

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Wizz Air

Budget Airlines.  Are they worth the aggro?

In an attempt to save some money we booked my in-laws on Wizz Air for their recent trip to the UK.  Other people we know have used them and assured us that they were OK.

Regrettably my father in law was taken ill shortly before the trip to the UK.  This is where the troubles began.

My wife flew out to Romania (extremely short notice flight arranged painlessly by BA) to see her father.  Regrettably he passed away.

We decided that her mother would come to the UK anyway and my wife would fly with her using her fathers ticket.  We called Wizz Air to make the necessary arrangements and were told that, regardless of the situation, they could not help and she would have to purchase another ticket.  I would have to email their customer relations office to get a refund of the unused ticket.  I tried calling and emailing their customer relations, but all I got was a standard response saying that they would get back to me eventually.

After some arguing, on the ticket line, we managed to get them to change a ticket to my wife's name so she could come home on it, but only after we paid £80.  Again we were told to contact customer relations.

Over the past month I have emailed them, I have tried to call them, I have even tried to Fax them, but with no response.

Finally today I get through to someone who tells me that the supervisor is not about and so she cannot check the other email address, but if I email to a new address they may be able to help me.

I will be sending a copy of the death certificate to them with details of what I want.  I am not holding my breath.