Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Greenwich Council

Greenwich's new waste disposal Cockup - 4 Weeks without a garbage collection

Letter to local paper


Am I the only one that is suffering because of Greenwich councils messed up "new" garbage collection system?

For 4 weeks now they have failed to pick our bin up. I believe that it is because the bin is "contaminated", if that is the case they are supposed to put a notice through my door or put a sticker on the bin. This has not been done.

I have been on the phone every day since last Tuesday trying to get them to collect the bin. I am willing to say we may have messed up, but there is no way forward other than them taking away and us getting it right in the future.

I have been keeping track of the events (most of them) here http://cosmap.blogspot.com/

I refuse to go through the bin and sort the rubbish as it is now 4 weeks old and that would be unhygienic. I am tempted to deposit the whole bin on their doorstep!

Greenwich Council

Lost for words.......

After all the promises and assurances they still have not picked up the BIN!!!

They are telling me it WILL get done. For some reason I do not believe them.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Greenwich Council

A Call Back...
What a shocker!  I have been called back by Celia Johnson.  Poor lady sounded somewhat beleaguered.  I guess she is having to take all the flack for the rubbish rubbish service we have.   She has promised a special pickup today so we can go forward with a clean slate, so to speak.
Again I have no choice but to wait and see....
Seems to be the story of my life.


So i called Elisabeth to find out what her reaction to my last email was.  Clearly I have shocked her as she has decided to go away for a week.  I, again, requested that the branch manager from Eastbourne contact me.  and Guess what??  He did!!
I repeated the whole sorry saga again and he has said he will look into it.  I remain to be convinced.

Greenwich Council

Another week Begins...
Having had no joy over the weekend I am on the phone again.
1st called the "Help" desk.  As usual everybody is in a meeting and all they would do is take my details.
2nd, Called the Chief exec's office.  Spoke to lady who is Mary Ney's PA.  She wanted to put me thought to Celia Johnson, who is supposed to be dealing with these issues (They have so many issues that they have to have a specific named person to deal with them).  I have been promised she will call me today.
What a complete shower they are.  We had a working waste disposal system in place and in an attempt to "improve" it, they have messed the whole thing up.
And London is to host the world for the Olympics!  ho ho bloody ho!

Friday, March 07, 2008


FAO: Elisabeth Mann

Dear Elisabeth,

I actually feel quite insulted by your offer. £250 is approximately 3 hours of my time. I have spent more than 3 hours trying to deal with this.

You have still failed to answer some basic questions.

1, I came to the Eastbourne Branch and filled in some forms and gave some one some ID. This has all vanished. How?
2, I filled in some more forms (as did my sister and mother) and gave you copies of my ID. This was lost. How?
3, I filled in some more forms (as did my sister and mother) and gave you copies of my ID. It transpires that we were sent all the wrong forms and I am not on the account correctly! Why?
4, I have requested that the manager from the Eastbourne branch call me to discuss this. You are not sure if he will, why is that?

What is with the adverts "There is another way" It is just a cynical advertising ploy! How are NatWest different to any other bank? I am still dealing with a call center.

Additionally to this it took you from January 18th to get back to me following our last call.

Greenwich Council

Three weeks without a garbage collection!

Some background....

A short while ago Greenwich Council changed the waste disposal system. We used to have a simple system that any fool (me??) could understand. Rubbish went in to the bin (in the house) and was then transferred to the bin outside the house. Recycling went in to the recycling bin. Two bins, Two purposes, no problem.


Recycling goes in to the Recycling bin.. Great, I understand that... Nappy's go in to Orange nappy sacks.. Hmmm.. OK, but where are my nappy sacks? I ordered them quite a while ago... A month to be precise! Then these bags get put on top of the other bins, Oooohhh... that will be smelly in the summer. OK, I can deal with that. Garden waste goes in to the other bin (green top), OK, I can deal with that. Food waste goes in to the green top bin, still OK.... What about the other general waste? Put it in black black bags, but not just any old black bag, a "compostable" one, fine and?? put it in the green top bin? Nope. Just pile it up with the nappy bags on the floor!

So outside my house I have...

A Full blue topped bin for Recycling... OK
A Slightly full green topped bin for Food and garden... OK
A pile of orange bags full off smelly nappy's... NOT OK!
A pile of black bags full of... The rest... NOT OK!

The only real difference here is that the general rubbish is moved out to black bags and the nappy's to orange ones, the green bin will be empty most of the time as I do not do much gardening and we do not have that much food waste.

Would it not have made more sense to have the garden waste in the bags and the general waste and nappy's in the bin, away from fox's and, when it comes, heat.

The Problem

For the last 3 weeks they have not collected my rubbish, I have called repeatedly and been told they would do a missed collection, but it has never happened. We do not throw that much away, but the bin is now full! They have not deemed to tell us why they will not collect it. I suspect that this is because of the nappies, but no one will confirm this. It would be nice if they would send us the orange sacks so we can conform to the grand plan.

The thing is that they will not pick the bin up.
I will not climb into it to resort it.

So we have an impasse....

Right this minute I feel like taking the bin to Greenwich Councils offices and depositing the contents on their doorstep!

I have spoken to several Greenwich residents about this, some of them work at the council, would you believe, and they all agree that this is a silly system and whoever thought of it needs a slap with a wet kipper. Apparently they had a very high volume of calls initially, this has now dropped to a constant rumble, so I cannot be the only one suffering from this foul-up.

At last, after me calling them 10 million times I have had a call back from the directors office and a very nice lady, who's name I will not mention as it is not her fault, has said she will see what she can do. It is a bit late in the day for this (literally), but I have been trying all day...


Called Elisabeth!!!!

Finally got through to her.
Apparently her number has changed to 020 8236 8119.

The bottom line is that although NatWest have dropped the ball repeatedly on this, it still falls to me to fill in all the bloody forms again! from scratch and go to the bank and give them my identity information AGAIN! so they can loose it AGAIN!

They are going to offer me some "compensation" let's see if this is anywhere near the cost of the amount of time I have wasted on this.

I am furious at their incompetence and inability to show some basic customer service and rectify the issue.

I will be considering where to take this from here, I may have the bit between my teeth will push this all the way. Then there is always TV, Newspapers.

She has offered to give me the information for the banking ombudsman...

Wednesday, March 05, 2008


Called Elisabeth!!!!

No call since the last time, which was so long ago that I forget so I called her.
She is not there, but I have left a message for her to call me.
Apparently she gets in at 10:00 am.  We shall see.
This is getting really tedious.  The Ads say "there is another way"  Yes there is, it's called another bank!