Thursday, January 31, 2008

Integrated Systems Europe

The final day!   It has been a great show so far.


We have made many contacts and have many promises.  Now we have to see if they will turn to something real.


We have a couple of journalists threatening to come and put us in some magazines…  Oh the tension!  I will have to go and make myself look beautiful (this could take some time). 


Thanks to AMX for the party last night.


OK, so it is 8:30 and I am not up to speed yet.  I am going for a coffee and may add some more after normality has been returned.


Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Integrated Systems Europe

So here we are.  Second day of the show.  Lots of great feedback and interest in the product.


There seems to be a lot of potential in Russian and all of the former Soviet countries.  We have had lots of interest from Hungary, Poland, and all points east.   Actually we have also had interest from Kuwait and some Far Eastern locations.  Very exotic, I shall look forward to going there to “Supervise” the initial installations.


These two pictures show our arrival at Rai in Amsterdam and the stand before the mayhem began.


I will post more pictures to Flickr when I get to a better internet connection.


Friday, January 18, 2008


Finally get hold of Elisabeth!!!!

Well I waited till 14:30 for a call and did not get one, so I called her.  Found here on the 1st try!
Apparently, though I am on the account I am down as an addition not a regular user!  No cheque book, card or access (unless I go in to the branch in Eastbourne).  This is useless.
I cannot even get Internet Access!
Elisabeth is going to call the branch to see what is going on.
I did mention that I have not been sent back the identification papers that I explicitly requested back.  She will investigate.
I also mentioned I am BLogging all this, she was not interested.
I have an email address I can use.  It is not hers, but it goes in to a pool and I may get a response in 24 hours!  Welcome to the dark ages.
In case you are interested...

Thursday, January 17, 2008


I am on the Account.  Nice of them to tell me! NOT!!!!

My sister went to the branch yesterday, apparently I am on the account, but no one has deemed to let me know or to give me any details of how I can access it!
Call to Jackie to try and put this to bed
  • Start at 10:40  Surprise Surprise I am on hold..
  • Apparently she is expecting my call.  I have given her the account details and she will call me back.
  • 15:00  A call back.  Apparently I am only allowed to talk to Elisabeth Mann.  020 8236 8140.
  • I left a message for her to call me tomorrow.  I will not hold my breath.