Sunday, November 25, 2007

Westminster Council Take the Piss!!!!

This from their automailer. The Pesky parking ticket did not ask me to put the reg number and ticket number in the subject line!! Thank goodness I read the response and can cut and paste! I wait their response... _____________________________________________________________________________________
From :

Thank you for your correspondence to Parking Services.

We will investigate and respond in writing to your query in due course.

If you have not included your full name and postal address please do so immediately as we cannot reply to your query via email.

Also please ensure that you have included the Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) number and the Vehicle Registration Mark (VRM) in the 'Subject' heading on your email.

Your email will now be processed and responded to in date received order.

Please do not reply to this automated email. If you have any further enquiries you can call Parking Services on 020 7823 4567.

On Behalf of

Parking Services

Westminster City Council

For more information about parking Westminster visit:

Westminster Council Take the Piss!!!!

Today, while parked near Covent Garden I was given a very shady parking ticket.

I was correctly parked on King Street and was displaying a valid Disabled Badge.
I was within the 3 hours allowed by the Badge.

The PCN was therefore incorrectly issued.

Upon seeing the notice I called the number on the back of the notice and was told that we should have made a "Contribution" to the parking. I looked everywhere around the car and all all the pillars near by (see attached picture) and was unable to see any indication that this was the case.

I then spoke to Community Officer number CW 7373 who looked with me and agreed that there was no indication that a "Contribution" was required (and can verify this if asked).

When I spoke to the "gentleman" on the phone he was not sure how much this "Contribution" should be.

It strikes me as very unfair that a disabled person should be expected to call the parking c redit card line and make a payment of unspecified value when they have a parking permit that allows them to park with out paying. I repeat there was no indication that Disabled Badge holders have to pay.

I trust have appealed this and will let you know what happens. Rest assured I will fight this all the way!

The only instructions in sight

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

A Blast from the past!

This is Seth, Cosma (Me) and Iain, in the late 80's taking a look around London, in a break between lectures. Click on the picture or the link below to see some more blasts from the past.

Click here for more Pictures of the Boys!
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