Thursday, July 09, 2009

Thought for the day...

Loyalty Cards
Why is it that every store you go to has to have it's own Loyalty Card?  Frankly it is becoming a pain in the proverbial!
I realise that the point is to give you points for shopping regularly with them and to keep you coming back.  But why a card for each one?  I already have more credit cards and ID's than you can shake a stick at.  I really do not want to carry all these extra cards.  An a result of this, ivariably, when I go to make a purchase I have brought the wrong card with me and so I can either "Miss out" on the points or carry the pesky receipt with me in the hope that I will remember to add the points on next time I am in the store (don't think I have EVER actually managed to do that).
Tescos have quite a good idea in that they will give you a key fob as your card, that way I do typically have my car keys on me when I go there and do have my card.  Nectar, I see, are expanding to many of the shops I use regularly, therefore reducing the number of cards I must carry and bundling all the points in one place (rather than having small useless pools of points all over the place).  Perhaps a combination of a key fob card and a multi location card would be a good idea??  Don't you think?
Another alternative, that I would prefer, would be to link your points to your home address!!  That way all I would have to do is give my home address or my mobile phone number, and I could collect my points.  Get all the points systems rolled in to one and we may have a useful, beneficial, easy to use system!
Currently I have.....
  • Air Miles - Almost enough to use!!!
  • United Airways Miles - No good to man nor beast
  • Lufthansa Mile - Will expire soon
  • British Airways Miles - Nowhere near enough to use and will expire soon
  • Homebase Points - Keep leaving the card at home
  • Game points - Don't buy enough computer games to be of use
  • Waterstones Points - Don't buy enough books from Waterstones to be of use
  • Shell V-Power Points - These convert to Air Miles so I may be able to use them one day
  • Nectar Points - The only one I use consistently
  • Cyprus Airways Points - No way near enough to use
I could go on as I do have more, but it would become even more boring....
Please Guy's
I promise to be loyal.
Alternatively you could just stop wasting your time running these system and just drop the prices a bit! 

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