Sunday, November 15, 2009

Nokia Support

Let me start by saying that I am a long term Nokia fan.  I am also a big fan of Symbian (having owned many a Psion).   So you can imagine how pleased I was when I heard that the N97 would not only be Symbian, but would also be a new version.

You can also imaging how disappointed I am with the reality.

I shall not list the problems I have had with the N97 as many other people have had the same and you can find plenty of other write ups about it.  Basically I still like the phone and it does mainly do what I want (love having a “real” keyboard”).  I can live with some of the foibles, although the inability to answer some calls is getting a bit annoying.

The thing that has really started to wind me up is the corruption that is occurring in the music database (or more specifically the podcast database).

Basically what is happening is that the database is getting out of sync with reality and so some podcasts are getting “stuck”.  What this means is that I cannot play them, and I cannot delete them.  I cannot even re-download them, in the hope of clearing the blockage.  The files themselves are gone, but the music player program shows them as still present, and they are building up.

Now, as you may know, I am an IT person and have a good idea how this stuff works.  I have given this some thought and have come to the conclusion that the application must hold it’s own database of files that it builds from the real files on the disk.  So surely the cure must be to remove the corrupt file, rebuild the database.  Easy.

Now the fun begins.  I called Nokia support to see if they can give me some guidance. The 1st couple of people I spoke to seemed quite clueless, but then I managed to get through to Alex.  He seems quite knowledgeable, but alas his knowledge does have limitations.

The only cure he could give me is to reset the whole phone, back to factory default.  This does seem to be using a sledgehammer to crack a nut!

Nobody at Nokia UK seems to know how this phone works.  All they seem to know is how to reset it!

I have requested that the call be escalated, but he is not sure that he can do that.  I have been promised calls from a manager twice, but none has called.  I have asked if I can upgrade to the new 20 firmware, but apparently this has not been authorised by T-Mobile.

That is the end.  Bog off and bother someone else.

Nokia.  Here is some free advice…

Your flagship phone has to WORK AS ADVERTISED
Resetting back to default is NOT A REPAIR

If you want to compete with the likes of the iPhone You need to up your game and start to provide some service.  You are transitioning from a phone company to something else.  The Smart Phone is not just a phone it is a computer that forms the center of my data life.  My diary is there, my phone book is there (surprise surprise), my email is there and, as I find more useful apps, it is a very important tool in my work life.  It is not just a phone.

If I know that every time I have a minor bump in the road I will have to reset the pesky thing, I simply will move to a more reliable platform.

Oh, and one last thing.  Pretend that you care when a customer comes to you wanting to work through an issue! Tags: ,,


Anonymous said...

Probably you remember me from the pink and purple airlines, being the only trying to help you out in a refund case some time ago.
I have checked your blog since, once or twice, basically just bumped into it.
Now it's funny that we have the same problem with Nokia except that I have a 5800. No customer care, no understanding of how their products work. Mine has been serviced seven times already, still having the same handset with issues coming up every month. Whenever I take it in, I have have the firmware updated, but nothing else. There is just no way for replacement of an obviously faulty product with no superior authority to complain at.

I do hope that you don't mind me writing this comment for you, but if possible, please remove my name and e-mail once you have read it as I'm still working for the airline. :) Still, I'm not commenting as a representative, only as a web surfer who bumped into your blog.

Wishing good luck and patience for Nokia's support,

Cosma said...

Hi, yes I do remember you and no, I don't mind you commenting.

I have removed your email address, alas the only way was to repost the whole thing.

Still, Job done. I will not be able to do it again, so if you reply to any more posts, don't put your email in the message (put it in the box below).

I will post an update in a min.