Sunday, June 06, 2010


Well it had to happen.

I have just spent the evening messing with a virtual Ubuntu 10.01. And I must say I quite like it.

Being as it is on a VM none of the visual effects (if there are any) work, but other than that it was easy enough to install and get working. Actually all I did was install it and it started working by itself. I did manage to break the network connection for a short while, but that was down to it being on a VM and it did not take long to fix.

Most of the pre-installed apps are ok, but the messaging tools are great. Being able to login to all my assorted messaging apps in one place is really handy.

Considering that it is running on a desktop PC that is also running a virtual XP and only has 512Mb allocated to it the performance is great.

I would like to give it a more extensive trial, but am not quite brave enough to make it my main platform yet. This is because by laptop is critical to my work and I am not au faix enough with Ubuntu to be 100% confident that I can get it to do everything I need in double quick time. This laptop is ageing and as soon as I can replace it I think I will make it 100% Ubuntu and run it in parallel to what ever new machine I get.

As I have said before, the platform is far less important that the tools (apps) that I need to use. Maybe I will be able to find free, Linux based, alternatives to all the tools I use. Alas there is no MS Office for Linux (Open office is just not compatible enough) <flame suit on>, Maybe XP (Win 7) in a VM ;)

Just My 2C worth.

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