Thursday, July 12, 2012

RE: Voyager

Dear Jamie,

I am not an unreasonable person.  I accept that parts fail on fit, I have not made a big issue of the shock absorber, dangerous though that was.  All I want is my car, and all the elements thereof, returned to me as it was when it went to Solus.

·         I would like an acknowledgement that the vehicle was not safe.  It was returned in a dangerous condition and whoever did that work has been spoken to. 
·         I would like the missing “Tie Down Eye” or “Towing eye” or whatever they want to call it returned.  And possibly an acknowledgement that I have not been making it all up.

So far it just seems that I am an irritation and all everybody wants to do is brush this issue under the carpet.  In which case it makes me wonder how many other cars are driving around that have been poorly repaired and are potential death traps.

As an insurance company I would have thought that you would be slightly concerned as you will be paying when this stuff hits the courts.  Just think.  Had the break hose failed and the car crashed I hate to think about it and would just hope I had been driving at the time.  If my wife had been driving….

Do you (Aviva, not you personally) vet the companies that you use?  Or do you just go for the cheapest?  Surely the quality of the repairs done come in to the equation?


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Dear Mr Sir,

Having read the email from Gordon Fenton at Solus, I am satisfied that Solus have put you back into a similar position that you were in previously. The part has been sourced and will be fitted. The garage had sourced a like for like vehicle whilst your own vehicle was in for rectification work, and the garage provided a further MOT upon completion of this work. Clearly you are not happy with the response to the issues from Mr Fenton. At this stage, please could you advise me on how you would like the matter to be resolved and I can look into what can possibly be done.

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Personal Motor Claims- Stretford
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