Tuesday, March 04, 2014

What is the point of social networking?

I always thought that the point of social networking was to talk about things (to be social). To exchange ideas, to perhaps have your ideas challenged. Throughout my professional career I have been in an environment where almost every utterance is examined by my peers and, generally, mercilessly torn apart if they do not hold water (and sometimes even if they do hold water). With most of my friends we maintain a level of banter where stupid comments are responded to with stupid answers (All in a spirit of jest).

I have always viewed myself as being of a scientific bent and, as such, view most ideas I put forward to be just that “ideas” until they have been peer reviewed and tested. I have written a few programs and scripts over the years (nothing of any consequence, in case you are interested) and have found that regardless of the time I spend testing something, users seem to have the ability to break anything in new and creative ways, that I never imagined. In security a system is not viewed as secure until it has been beaten on by experts and remains secure.

Getting back to the question. I have noticed lately that most of the social media platforms, far from being a conversation, seem to be a platform for people to show how clever they are, with no come back (or tell the world how much they love their kids/cats/dogs/choice of diet). Similar to someone standing in an empty room and shouting. The only acceptable response seems to be “here, here” and “I agree”. If I have the temerity to disagree or point out the flaws in the logic people seem surprised. It’s as though they had not realised people were reading their utterances and can respond.

While it is possible to turn off comments on most platforms, no one ever does. Is that because they don’t know how, don’t realise they can or are simply soliciting positive reassurance? Is it because the art of conversation is dead and people just want to rant?

Basically. Have I missed the point or is it that many of my “friends” have and I need to “unfriend” them (would that life was so simple J ). I have actually taken to unfollowing certain individuals (half-way towards unfriending them and not as far as blocking them).

<Zipp…> Ok the flame suit is on. Tell me that I am just an unpleasant human being, do not deserve to be in society and have missed the point. Or is it that I am just a socially inept techy (bit of a bugger as I am in customer service).

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