Friday, August 21, 2015

Small Update on Matthews Holidays

It has now been 2 days since I emailed Mathews (please see previous posting) And I have had no response from them.  I know that they have seen my message...

Your message

   To: Information
   Subject: Re: Matthews Holidays Accommodation Voucher
   Sent: 19 August 2015 19:29:25 (UTC) Dublin, London

 was read on 19 August 2015 19:43:47 (UTC) Dublin, London.

 So clearly I do not warrant a reply.  Time to call them....

I have just spoken to a lady called Kate, she would not give me her last name (I wonder why?? she knows all my details).

Apparently Matthews do not acknowledge emails, they get so many it would take a long time.  You would have thought that a letter of complaint would warrant a response?  Or maybe they get so many it really would take a lot of time?  I guess the question is "Why don't they have an automated system for acknowledging emails?”  I did offer to assist them with modernising their systems, but Kate did not want to take me up on my offer!  I would like note at this point that their website is very old looking.  It appears to be Wordpress, but it needs a serious redesign.

Kate tells me that they will respond within (or was that just "in") 28 days.  They need to investigate the situation.  I do not quite see what that takes 28 days, it's quite simple, phone the lady on site, phone the area manager.

Alas they do not seem to have a Twitter account.  I have found their Facebook page.  Lots of complimentary comments, but none of them referenced in any way that I could confirm they are real.  Apparently “Liz” liked “La Tranche (Camping Des Dunes)” But that came from AirBNB ( I have had a good look at AirBNB and can’t find the campsite or the review).  And the review was about “Don and Khampa” the hosts, not Matthews.

I have left a couple of comments, let’s see if they reply, in the next 28 days maybe?

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