Friday, October 10, 2008

And for a change..

Braun Tassimo Machine

Well, it makes a change to be writing something positive about someones customer services.

A couple of weeks ago my Tassimo coffee machine packed up.  We soldiered on for a while making pots of coffee but the strain of making coffee in the morning got to much so I cracked and started to look for some way to get it repaired.

After a long and fruitless search (ok 20 mins) I gave up and looked at the Tassimo website!  All the FAQ's were not a lot of use and so I left a message using their feedback form.  I carried on looking and after some digging I found a phone number.

I called them and a very helpful chap informed me that a, the warranty is 2 years! not 1 :) and b, the nearest repairer was in Southend (I live in London) :(.  He gave me the address and said I could post it:  But I was desperate so, last Saturday, I put it in the car and off I drove.  The repairer was a small Shaver Repair shop (of all things).  I dropped the broken machine off (an incredibly painless process) and with some trepidation departed.  The chap in the shop said it would take at least 2 weeks and I even considered buying another machine as the jitters were setting in.

On the Monday I received a message from Tassimo support asking what the status was and offering to assist to resolve the position!!  Very helpful.

You can imagine my surprise to get home today (Friday) and find a large parcel in my hallway.  I opened it and there was a BRAND NEW Tassimo machine!!  OH JOY!

I just wanted to express my thanks to Braun and the repair shop (Cowans Shaver Centre) for such excellent (and rapid) service.

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