Thursday, April 18, 2013


They have replied to my last missive.

Hi Cosma,
Thank you for your comment. We appreciate all views on our walls, positive and negative alike; after all without constructive feedback we wouldn’t be able to continue to improve our service for customers.
To make sure the online community on the page remains helpful and friendly we have set some Community Rules, please see the link here;
These rules cover things like, treating each other the way you would like to be treated and not posting links to non-Tesco sites. There are a few more examples which you can read by clicking on this link so feel free to have a look for more information.
We welcome your open discussion but would appreciate it if you could please keep these rules in mind while posting on our wall.
With regards to your phone call I have spoken to the duty manager who is extremely concerned that this individual has not called you and is in the process of contacting him as we speak with regards to this.
The duty manager is doing all he can to ensure you get your phone call which would be in all likelihood be tomorrow morning I'm sorry.
Kind Regards,
Rich – Customer Care

Well it’s 12:42 and they still have not contacted me!


Cosma said...

Message from Tesco...

Hi Cosma,

Sorry that you have not heard anything yet.

Please private message me your contact number so I can verify that is the correct one that the store should be contacting you on and I will get on to them about this.

David - Customer Care

Cosma said...

I have sent them the info.

Not holding my breath.