Friday, December 05, 2008


Here we go again...

Silly me. In an attempt to increase my security when using Paypal I decided to use their SMS to mobile phone service. I went to the web site and registered my mobile phone. I was supposed to then receive an SMS message with a code, that I then enter in to their site. Alas this code did not appear. What did appear was my mobile phone registered 3 time!

So I gave them a call. This is where the fun begins....

After spending a ridiculous amount to time dealing with their Auto attendant (during which time it sent me 2 emails that I did not want) I finally get through to a person. I will cut the story short here by saying that he was not really of much use.

I asked to speak to his supervisor and was put through to Quincy. She tells me that the reason that I had not received the SMS messages was that they had a fault that was effecting SMS's with T-Mobile. I asked why this was not indicted on the website (some kind of service status page) but she could not understand what I was trying to say. We spent some time with her telling me that my phone was only registered once, and me telling her that it was visible 3 times, when I decided to send her a screen shot. (shown for your information).

It clearly shows my number there 3 times. (I have smudged it in the picture).

She seemed to be having some problems receiving it??? Hmmmm... And also could not deal with the idea that I recognize an American accent when I hear one. Somewhere in the vicinity of New York, if I am not mistaken. So she would not confirm that, as she is at least 5 hours behind me, she has most of the day to look at my issue. She also did not seem to have the ability to look at the Internet so I could not give her this address, Although I will send it to her anyway :)

Quincy did promise to email me to let me know when a, the fault was cleared and b, when they had resolved my display issue.

Let's see if the famed American customer service is up to scratch....

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