Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Aha. Domino’s Answer… “Go Somewhere Else”

Nice bit of customer service!!

From: Domino's Pizza [mailto:dominos_feedback@btinternet.com]
Sent: 25 June 2012 23:02
To: cosmap
Subject: Re: Dominos Customer Service Ref: 15957 28154 London - Eltham Delivery Area/Drivers

Dear Cosma,

Thank you for your email last week regarding the ongoing issue you have had with drivers from my Eltham store missing the special delivery instructions on your orders. I am sorry that despite our very best efforts in the store and following numerous conversations between you and my team, we have not been able to resolve this for you.

We aim to provide great service and we hate to disappoint any customers. Following further discussions with the team in my Eltham store, I am sorry to advise you that we do not feel there is anything further we can do from a store point of view to guarantee for certain that a driver will not ring your doorbell. We have already suggested calling the store to order and explain your instructions or to put a note on your doorbell, in addition to the notice we have put up in our staff room and unfortunately, we feel there is nothing else we can do. To this end, I’m sorry to say that we feel that as this is a crucial part of your delivery, you would be best to either collect your pizzas from the store (we will obviously give you a good carry out deal) or order your pizzas elsewhere as you suggest.

I hope you can understand our reasons behind this, your children’s sleep is obviously crucial and although we hate losing customers and this has been a very difficult decision, we just feel this is the best option.

Best wishes,

Nij enterprises ltd Ta Dominos Pizza

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