Monday, June 18, 2012

The end of the Staples road

Had a phone call this morning from someone (name with held) who said he was the Manager at the Old Kent Road Branch of Staples.

Basically he apologised and acknowledged all that I have said.  He thinks he knows who the offending member of staff is and will be having a word. He also offered to send me some discount vouchers to tempt us back in the store.

Guess that is the end of this line.

I know this all seems like a pointless exercise but, in the long run, if more people start to do the same (complain), we may get better customer service.  Businesses cannot afford to annoy the customer (especially one that pays cash) as most people will just vote with their feet and not come back.   The way I see it I am doing businesses a favour. This way they get the chance to mend the ways of errant staff and win a customer back.

The next thing that needs addressing is the English inability to complain when they are wronged.  It does not need to be a shouting match.  As the Irish say “Speak quietly, and carry a big stick”.  The internet gives us all a tool to voice our annoyance and bring big companies to task. 

The next step from here would have been to look at site such as or many of the other public forums to get it out there.  If they do not react then you can!  Any way….

Not much else to say on the subject really.  Shame it took so long, but we got there in the end.

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